Add Channels to Your Roku Streaming Stick

Roku - Roku is a digitised media player that enables you to stream your favourite video channels like spotify, hulu plus, netflix, and many more. It receives input via internet connection and sends output via a HDMI cable or MHL support. However the recent versions of Roku use a HDMI port which can be directly connected to your smart TV instead of MHL support.

Roku Stick - It is a flash drive which can be connected to the back of your smart TV which enables you to stream video channels via internet connection. In order to stream your favourite channels, you need to create a Roku account and then add channels accordingly. It can be accessed via a Roku remote which uses two AA battery. Today we will give a detailed description on how to add channels to your Roku streaming device. Follow our content to learn this process;

Installation Process:

  • Carefully place the Roku device to the back of your smart tv via HDMI port.

  • You need to now connect your Roku player to the available wireless connection.

  • After the device is connected, it will then update the latest firmware compatible to the device.

  • You will now be prompted to pair your Roku remote with the Roku device. It can be done by holding the Roku pairing button for 3 seconds.

Creating the Roku Account:

  • You will notice a code on your screen. Make a notice of this code and go to .

  • You will now be asked to create a Roku account. Enter the mandatory details like your email, phone number, etc to create your Roku account.

Adding Channels to Your Roku Device:

  • Once your Roku account is activated, you can add your favourite channels from the channel store.

  • You will find the list of popular and new video streaming channels at the top of the channel store.

  • Press ok on the Roku remote to learn complete summary of the channel which you want to add.

  • The Roku device will ask for your credit card details in order to add new channels to your device.

  • You will not be charged even a single penny if the channel is free. However you have to pay the required amount if the channel is paid.

  • Tap on the option “ADD CHANNEL” to add channels to your device.

  • The channels you have chosen will now be added to your home screen.

  • Congratulations! You have successfully completed the process of installing the Roku device and adding new channels to it.

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