How do I Set up My Roku Streaming Stick Plus?

The diagrams mentioned below will provide you with sufficient guidance to connect your Roku Streaming Stick plus. You have to ensure that all the connections are secure and properly attached.

First of all, establish a connection of the Roku Streaming Stick plus with an HDMI port on your TV. To enable streaming of movies and TV shows in 4K or 4K HDR, choose an HDMI 2.0 port that supports HDCP 2.2. Also, gather information on how to identify an HDMI input which supports HDCP 2.2.

In case space restrictions put hindrances on establishing a connection between Roku Streaming Stick plus and the HDMI port on your TV, you shall purchase a free HDMI extender cable.

Now, connect the USB power cable with an advanced wireless receiver and then plug them into a device with sufficient power, such as the USB port on the TV, or rather a wall outlet ( if you are using the USB power extender cable and power adapter).

If the USB port on your TV is not able to impart power to a Streaming Stick plus, then automatically the on-screen warning message will appear. In this case, you shall use a wall outlet for better results.

After firmly hooking up the advanced wireless receiver with the Roku Streaming Stick plus, check the quality of the connection. If the condition is not up to the mark, then the relationship between the Streaming Stick plus and your wireless network will be unsuccessful. Hence, this will ultimately hamper the connection with the internet.

It is highly imperative to evaluate whether all the connections are secure or not before using, primarily if you have transferred the Roku Streaming Stick plus from one HDMI input to another, or from one TV to another.

Ensure that the proper TV input is selected on your TV in which your Streaming Stick plus is connected. On switching on the Streaming Stick plus, the Roku logo will appear on the TV screen. In case you do not see any picture or logo on your screen, then click on the help button.

Guidelines for Establishing the Setup

  • Establish a connection between the Roku Streaming Stick plus to the network and the internet.

  • Select the appropriate wireless network from the available list and enter the password. The interface is mostly the similar network that you use for establishing a connection between your PC or Android phone to the internet. In case the system is not visible, the Scan again for seeing all the arrangements. For further assistance, you can click on the help option to find your wireless network and password.
  • You will have the option of choosing Show password if you want to re-confirm or verify your password for obtaining accurate results. In or to tackle the case- sensitive nature of the passwords, press the shift key on the keyword which will be shown on- screen for entering a capital letter.
  • After your Roku Streaming Stick plus gets connected to the internet, the Roku Streaming Stick plus will download the latest software.
  • After the latest version of Roku OS software gets downloaded, reboot and then select the display type.
  • To determine the supported video resolutions, your Streaming Stick plus will evaluate the HDMI connection or select OK to use the automatic path.
  • In settings, select display type and then perform necessary modifications.
  • For attaining control over your TV, set up the Roku Enhanced remote.
  • For altering the power & volume of your TV, click on Check remote settings.
  • For setting up remote specifications, go to settings, select remote, and the select set up remote for TV control.
  • After creation of a Roku account, turn on your Roku Streaming Stick plus.
  • The TV will automatically show the instructions for activating the Roku Streaming Stick plus with an activation code.
  • The Roku Streaming Stick plus is all set for use.


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