How to Activate Roku Streaming Device?

If you wish to know how to activate Roku streaming device, then you must connect your Roku streaming player to the Roku account. The account keeps the details of the Roku streaming devices that you own, the preferences and settings, and installed channels.

It is necessary for you to have an e-mail ID connected to your Roku account so that you can easily manage the Roku account and get all the notifications. Other than that, you must create a secure and strong password.


  • When you create a Roku account, you don’t have to pay any charges.

  • Neither does it create a charge for activation.

How to Activate Roku Streaming Device?

If you wish to activate your Roku TV, then this is the guide that you need to follow for activation.

Step 1 : If you need any additional support in setting up your Roku device, go to Roku support website and visit the troubleshooting section.

Step 2 : For connecting your Roku device to the internet, there are certain on screen instructions that you have to follow. When it gets connected, then it will start downloading a new software.

Step 3 : After that, the link code will be displayed on the Roku device to  activate Roku streaming device.

Step 4 : Note this link code carefully and then visit on your computer system or mobile device.

Step 5 : Now, enter the code that you noted by going to the website. Now, select submit.

Step 6 : If you observe any kind of error or you are not able to move forward from a particular step, then you must resolve that problem.

Step 7 : Now, carefully read the instructions given on the website for logging into a Roku account or creating a roku account.

Step 8 : At the time of creating a Roku account, you will have to enter the method of payment. This will enable you to buy subscriptions of particular channels. Additionally, it allows you to rent or buy TV shows or movies. Moreover, you can buy other things by going to the Roku channel store. Make sure, when you rent or buy a movie or take a subscription of a channel, then you have to make a payment.

Step 9 : Paypal and credit cards are the two accepted methods of payment. If you don’t want any unauthorized payment, then you must create a PIN for your Roku account.

Step 10 : Once you have performed all the steps to activate Roku streaming device, then you can start using it.

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