How to Install Roku Streaming Stick?

Roku is a digital media player that has the ability to stream digitised video content through numerous channels. The name roku is a japanese word which means “six”. It was named so because it was the sixth company of CEO and Founder (roku inc), Anthony wood. Roku receives data in the form of video content through a wired or wireless internet connection. The data is made output through an audio cable, video cable or directly into your smart tv through an HDMI port.

Roku streaming stick is a HDMI stick that can be pushed into the back of your smart tv through the HDMI port. If you are a new user of roku, you need to create a new account of roku. Roku streaming stick can be used to watch video content from paid and unpaid subscriptions like netflix, amazon instant video, spotify, hulu plus and numerous other channels.

The earlier version of roku devices work through a MHL port( single wired connection). In our content, we will focus on describing the process of installation of roku streaming stick. You can make changes according to your preferred settings by adding or removing a channel from your roku account.  

Following are the Instructions to Install Roku Streaming Stick:

  1. Carefully insert the roku streaming stick into the back of your smart tv through the HDMI port.

  2. Roku device can be connected to internet by scanning through the available wireless networks and providing accurate login credentials of your router.

  3. Once it gets connected to the internet, it then automatically downloads compatible drivers,  firmware and available updates.

  4. When your roku device has finished booting up, it then asks you to pair your remote. Pairing can be done by manually holding the roku pairing button for 3 seconds until it gets connected.

  5. Your roku device will now show a code on your screen.

  6. Copy this code and make a note of it.

  7. Now navigate your web browser to . Enter the code you had received and tap on “submit”.

  8. You will now be prompted to create a roku account. Enter the mandatory details like your number, phone number, etc to sign up for your new account.

  9. It will now ask for your credit card details which will deduct money only if you add a new subscription. There is zero activation fee on roku.

  10. There are some channels which are paid and some are unpaid. You can choose your channels wisely according to your preferences.

  11. You will now add streaming channels by tapping on the “Streaming Channel” section from Roku menu. Tap on the option “Add Channel” to add a new channel to your device.

  12. The channels you have chosen will now be added to your Home list.

  13. You have successfully completed the installation process.

Hope this process helps you in installation and activation process of your roku device. In case you have any further queries, you can seek technical assistance from certified technicians and experts via roku stick installation support. Our team members are extremely hardworking and effectual in their way of resolving any kind of technical glitch related to roku. So there is no need to waste your time and money by calling a technician home or taking your device to a repair centre when you can avail our services even at the oddest of hours round the clock. Our team members will help you to resolve your issues instantaneously at extremely low and affordable charges.

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