How to Resolve an Issue When Linking Roku Streaming Device?

If you are looking forward to knowing how to deal with the errors that you  encounter for linking Roku streaming device, then you have opened up the right link. As here, you will get to know the solutions to deal with errors.

If you get any error at the time of putting in the link code, then  try to enter the code again. There is a chance that you have committed a typing error or some other kind of system error that caused this problem. The problem can also occur because of no internet connection.

If you are not able to solve your problem by doing this, then you can resolve the issue by following these steps:

  • Move to your Roku device and then press the button of star that is present on your Roku remote.  After that, click on get a new code.

  • When the code shows up, then go back to the website and put-in a new code.

Link Code Screen Error:

If even after entering the code, you are still not able to move forward or the Link code screen error pops up, then in that case you must wait for some time. As activation process can be very time consuming.

If the device is still displaying the link code on the screen, then these are some of the steps that you can follow.

  • Please ensure that you have properly followed all the steps that are given on the website for activating Roku device.

  • In case, you see anything like Error 001, and a message stating “not connected” is displayed in the top right corner. Then, that means that your Roku device is not linked to the network. If that happens, then you must try again.

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